All it meant

Did you know that our cats are capable of communicating to those around them? Yes, cats are very smart creatures, and they have the ability to converses with those around them through the use of different body languages. However, cat owners fail on is part of understanding their pets since they do not have anyone to translate the language. I mean the cat language is not a language with some native users and can be translated with ease. Nevertheless, few individuals have invested in learning the cat language. They have therefore come up with cat […]

What aspects you need to consider while buying an automated feeder for your pet?

You may think that why would you need an automated feeder for your pet before buying one. You can feed your favorite pet by yourself. It was considered as a way of expressing love for that cute and adorable animal of yours. Yes, it is true. But there are some truths as well you need to know about feeding your cat or dog. Do you know excessive weight of that beloved pet of yours can cause health issues like cancer, Osteoarthritis, kidney problems etc? This over weight problem can be generated from over eating. You […]