How to Build a Balsa Wood Tower

1.Cut balsa pieces according to chart. Use X-acto knife. Be sure to be precise. Label each piece as you cut it, according to the chart.

Type #Needed
A 16
Piece 1) Cut all C’s and 2 D’s
Piece 2) Cut all 12 A’s
Piece 3) Cut 4 A’s, all E’s, and 6 D’s
Piece 4) Cut 14 B’s
Piece 5) Cut 2 B’s

2.Miter edges of each A piece. Lay four pieces together to create an even 3×3 square.

3.Glue all A pieces together, to form 4 mitered squares. Allow to dry.

4.Glue all four E pieces to each corner of one A square. It is very important to ensure the E pieces are perpendicular to the A square.

5.After middle section is done drying, glue a second A square to the other ends of the E posts.

6.Position one C piece diagonal between the corners of the rectangle formed by two E posts and one side of the two A squares. Mark the overlap between the C and the corner.

7.Repeat step 6 on opposite diagonal.

8.Cut the ends of each C piece to fit into the rectangle snuggly.

9.Put one C piece ino the rectangle. Place the second piece over the first to form an “x” Mark the overlap between the two pieces.

10.Cut halfway through the two C pieces in the marked overlap area. Be sure not to cut through the pieces.

11.Glue one C piece into its designated area. Then glue the other piece into the opposite diagonal, and the notch made into the piece.

12.Repeat steps 6-11 for the other 3 sides. Allow drying.

13.Glue one D post to each corner of one of the 3×3 sides of the A square, make sure they are perpendicular.

14.Glue one A square to the ends of the four D posts.

15.Lay one B post diagonal on one side of the cube just created. One end should be in the bottom left or right corner, and the other end in the middle of the top A piece.

16.Mark the overlapping area. Be sure to double-check all the marks you make. Also make a mark on the top end of the B piece that is perpendicular to the A piece (The two B pieces will be leaning on each other to give more stability and strength to each section.)

17.Cut all marked areas on the first B piece.

18.Carefully fit the unglued B piece into its appropriate area. While it is in place, position the other B piece into the opposite mirrored direction. One end should overlap the top of the first B piece, and the other end should be in the unused corner. Mark the overlapping areas, be sure to also mark the cut perpendicular to the A piece, the exact thing you did to the first B piece.

19.Cut all of the marked areas. Fit both pieces into the appropriate square, if they fit snuggly and correctly, glue the pieces in place.

20.Repeat steps 15-19 on the other 3 sides of the cube.

21. After the cube is finished, repeat steps 15-20 on the other side of the middle box section. The B pieces should be opposite, creating a “V” at the bottom.

22.Once tower is complete, make sure each joint is secure.

23. Test your tower!

So, that’s the all information about balsa wood tower tips. Also you can visit here.

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