How to Comfortably Sleep in Your Car

Of course, sleeping in your own bed at home and resting after a day of work is the best kind of rest. Sleeping in your car is not exactly what most people would think of as comfortable, and it is best to avoid having to do this, but sometimes you really have to. For whatever reason, you might have for sleeping in your car, whether you are too tired to go any further or you want to save money on a bed, or you are drunk or anything else. Here are some tips to help you get a better bit of rest. Just remember that in some places it is illegal to sleep in your car so be careful.

  1. Find a safe and concealed place to park your car. Park it facing the east if you want to wake up early or west if you would prefer to remain unaffected by the bright sun’s rays. There are some twenty-four-hour convenience stores and bars that let customers stay in the parking lot and sleep in their cars. Make sure that you protect yourself from danger like rogues and muggers. If you are along the highway, do not park under the shoulder because you will be woken up by the police.
  2. Turn off your engine and take your keys from the ignition before you sleep. Also, pull the handbrake and switch off all of the lights in your car. You do not want your car to suddenly move while you are sleeping. Also, make sure that you keep a small part of your window open to get fresh air, and you might want to use clothes as a curtain.
  3. Make sure to go to the bathroom before going to sleep.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes that will keep you warm if the weather is cold and cool if it is warm. Make sure all of your important things are near you, and keep your cell phone with a speed dial to 911 in case something happens.
  5. Choose the car seat so you can be comfortable as you sleep. You can lower the driver or front passenger’s seat or lie in the back seat. You can also use jackets and a bag as pillows and blankets. Make it so that you find it easy and have a comfortable sleep. If you want to keep your car invisible at the time of sleeping or don’t want any light coming inside the car, you can cover the car partially with the car cover.
  6. Choose in what position you would like to sleep. The most common is on the side with one’s legs and arms folded in. Others like being sprawled around. Make sure that when you sleep you are safe and comfortable.

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