The number of 9/11 victims and what occurred on that terrible day

The world still remembers the day the Twin Towers fell in New York. Forgetting an event of this magnitude is hard. The news reported the tragedy for weeks, and it’s not only Americans that paid so much attention to the disaster. All over the world, from Australia to Europe, it was a non-stop coverage of 9/11. Even after more than fifteen years, the tragedy lingers in the minds of every resident of the US who was alive and old enough to remember the events that caused America to declare war on terrorism. Like with every other attack, the worst part is the people who lost their lives. And this does not mean only those who were on duty as firefighters or law enforcement officers on duty. Plenty of ordinary citizens also died. 9/11 victims are a reminder that the world can be a terrible place and we should appreciate every positive moment even more than we usually do.

There is a memorial for the people who lost their life. It is located in New York City, at the bedrock of the World Trade Center – a place where the tragedy took place. There is a brilliant quote by Virgil that perfectly reflects the truth of those who were victims of the terrorist attack. The quote goes like this: “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”

The quote is an excellent example of how people can look at the events of this stature at the positive way, despite the tragic losses. Nevertheless, this reminder does not reflect the whole story.

You can quote famous people of Antiquity as much as you want, but the fact remains – you will not bring back those who had family, friends, were on their way to make something out of themselves and would’ve probably changed the world for the better.

In total, almost three thousand people were killed during the attack. On top of that, more than six thousand were wounded. As far as acts of terrorism go, this one was of the biggest magnitude regarding people who lost their lives. And it is not only the United States citizens who perished. Almost one hundred countries lost their people during the tragedy. The number of the people the United Kingdom lost is almost seventy. There were nearly fifty Dominicans and more than fifty Indians who died.

Even though the majority of people who died during the act of terrorism were ordinary citizens, the tragedy doesn’t end there. About 350 firefighters and 70 law enforcement officers also sacrificed themselves while on duty.

9/11 victims will always be remembered, and every year, September 11 is stuck in the head of the world as the day innocents lost their lives.

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